Our services

Churches of Christ in Queensland delivers family support services that provide information, therapeutic support and practical assistance aimed at improving the quality of life for children and their families, and enabling them to be stronger and more resilient. We also assist vulnerable families address multiple and/or complex needs and build their capacity to safely care for and protect their children.


Family intervention services

What does the Assessment and Intervention Service provide?

Churches of Christ in Queensland’s Assessment and Intervention Service provides support to biological parents whose children have been removed or are at risk of being removed from the family home.

We offer an extensive range of assessment and intervention services including:


•    Parenting capacity assessments
•    Family assessments
•    Attachment assessments
•    Reunification assessments
•    Strengths and need assessments
•    Social assessments
•    Kinship carer assessments
•    General foster carer assessments.


•    Skills development (e.g. parenting, social, conflict resolution, anger management)
•    Attachment/relationship building
•    Life skills (e.g. budgeting, household routines, job searching, education assistance)
•    Educative supervised contact
•    In-home intervention with educative focus
•    Individual parenting
•    Protective behaviours
•    Education for parents on sexual abuse and its impacts.

We also provide group work and training as required.

How do I access this service?

Our Assessment and Intervention Service is only available to parents who have been referred by the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.


Family and child connect

What is Family and Child Connect?

Being a parent is not easy and sometimes problems can get in the way of looking after your children at home. If you are overwhelmed or feel like you are not coping, it’s okay to ask for help.

Family and Child Connect is a free service to help you with the challenges of parenthood. Every family is different and it is important to find solutions that work for you. We help ensure your family receives the support you need before entering a crisis situation that may involve the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services.

What services does Family and Child Connect offer?

We will talk with you about your worries and connect you to local services that can help with:

  • Developing your parenting skills and managing your child’s behaviour
  • Building better relationships between family members, including help with any violence at home
  • Budgeting and managing money
  • Managing alcohol, drug or gambling problems
  • Accessing housing, health care or other community or government services.

A specialist domestic and family violence practitioner works closely with our Family and Child Connect Service to provide advice and assistance to families when needed.

Who can contact Family and Child Connect?

You can refer yourself directly to Family and Child Connect or be referred by a professional, such as a teacher, doctor or police officer.

You can make a referral by completing an online referral form at familychildconnect.org.au or by phoning 13FAMILY or 13 32 64.

When a referral is made, we do an initial assessment and then discuss with you a range of responses. They may include:

  • Information and advice on how to keep your family engaged and links to local services that can help.
  • Referral to a support service, which can only be done with your consent. We assist in ensuring a smooth process for your family.
  • Active engagement and referral with Intensive Family Support Services. If your family has multiple or complex needs, we will help you engage with this service with your consent.

Where is Family and Child Connect available?

To access your local Family and Child Connect service, call 13FAMILY or 13 32 64 or visit familychildconnect.org.au. Churches of Christ Care is the main provider of Family and Child Connect Services in Bundaberg and Hervey Bay areas.


Intensive family support

Families Together - Intensive Family Support Services

We know that raising a family can be overwhelming at times. For parents or carers, there are many stressful and difficult situations that can feel impossible to overcome without extra help and guidance. We are here to help you get the support you need.

Churches of Christ Care is working with local partners to provide Families Together, our Intensive Family Support Service in the Brisbane South and Brisbane Southwest, Moreton Bay, Bundaberg, Burdekin, Mackay and Isaac region. It is available to families referred to us and assessed as having multiple and/or complex issues.

Families Together is a free service that provides flexible, practical and intensive support that is tailored to the individual needs of your family. A dedicated case worker will work closely with you to ensure you receive the right support at the right time whilst ensuring your family's rights, values, culture and goals are respected.

Our approach

As an established provider of quality care services, we collaborate with you and your family to develop a support plan to meet your specific needs. This is achieved through engaging with local services and key community members, with your consent.

We work with families on a voluntary basis to empower you to identify your priority areas for support. Our engagement with you and your family is based upon the Sanctuary Model of trauma-informed care and an understanding of child development, ensuring best practice strategies are used to meet the needs of vulnerable families.

Working with local partners, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander support workers and specialist practitioners, we coordinate culturally-inclusive, outcome-focused, intensive support services aimed at keeping families together.

We provide support for:

• Tackling drug addiction or mental health issues
• Creating a safe home environment free from violence
• Developing parenting and household management skills
• Improving ability to find and maintain paid employment
• Connecting the family to their culture and community
• Exploring and securing stable accommodation.

We can support you and your family in these areas and link family members to a wide range of support services available in the community to help build strength, resilience and overall well-being.

Our community partners

Churches of Christ Care works in partnership with other community service providers and specialists in each region to effectively deliver the Families Together program.


Community Partners

Brisbane South and Brisbane Southwest

Micah Projects; Drug ARM Australasia

Moreton Bay

Caboolture Regional Domestic Violence Service


Bundaberg Region Council of Elders – Woorabar; Bundaberg Aboriginal Corporation for Women; Edon Place

Mackay and Isaac region

ATSICHS Mackay; Drug ARM; Aftercare; Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research

Referral process

We can accept referrals directly, online or through the Family and Child Connect service in your area.

Contact us directly

Families Together - Brisbane South: 07 3716 7300
Families Together - Brisbane Southwest: 07 3716 7300
Families Together - Moreton Bay region: 07 5490 6450
Families Together - Bundaberg region: 1300 918 857
Families Together - Mackay and Isaac region: 07 4953 6100
Families Together - Burdekin region: 07 4771 8888


Make a referral online

Fill and submit this online Family support referral form.

Contact your local Family and Child Connect service

Call 13FAMILY or 13 32 64 or visit www.familychildconnect.com.au.

Family support

Maryborough Family Support Service

Our Family Support Service in Maryborough provides community-based parent support and education.

The purpose is to promote the safety and wellbeing of children and young people. Families are supported through the use of prevention and early intervention strategies, and facilitating activities that assist them to deal with issues and maintain family functioning.

We assist parents to develop effective parenting skills to create positive and rewarding family relationships. We provide support, information and education to parents wishing to develop and/or enhance a broad range of parenting skills. This may include issues such as day-to-day parenting, behaviour management, communicating with children, time management, establishing routines and roles and responsibilities.

We can assist parents to develop effective parenting skills to create positive and rewarding family relationships.

Bringing up great kids

Have you ever wondered why bringing up great kids seems so hard?

Do you feel like you just don’t know what to do to get your kids to behave, go to bed or go to school?

You are not alone!

Parenting is hard work and can be very lonely. None of us are born knowing how to be a good parent or carer and we often fall back on things we learnt from our own families – some good, some not so good.

We can feel like others are judging us and this just makes it worse.

Bringing Up Great Kids can help.

What is the Bringing Up Great Kids program?

Bringing Up Great Kids Dthulgurri Weeburra Giyu is a free six week parenting support group open to all carers of children 0-12 years and provided by Churches of Christ Care.

The Bringing Up Great Kids parenting program uses ideas of mindfulness and reflection to support parents to review and enhance their patterns of communication with their children, to promote more respectful interactions and encourage the development of children’s positive self-identity.

This free six week program will help you become a happier, more confident parent or carer who can enjoy time with your kids. You will come to understand what you find difficult about parenting and how to manage it. You will learn how to build new relationships with your child and make a happier family home.

Parents will learn:

  • How to improve their listening
  • Why they parent the way they do
  • The difference between children’s and adult brains
  • What kids behaviours really mean
  • Better ways to deal with stress.

Our program will also help you find out what services are out there to help you including:

  • Childcare and schooling
  • Uncle Alfred’s men’s group
  • Women’s Yarning Circle
  • Health services
  • Legal and advocacy services
  • Drug and alcohol support
  • Mental health assistance
  • Domestic violence services
  • Employment and social enterprise options

All of our programs take place at our Vincent campus, on Ronan Street, Townsville West.

Jacky’s Story

Jacky was referred to Churches of Christ Care for assistance with support for domestic violence and parenting education. She also needed to develop a network in Townsville as she was new to the area. Jacky struggled with her own health as she often prioritised her children, leaving her extremely stressed and overwhelmed.

After receiving support, Jacky felt she would be able to use the tools, stories and skills she learned to help not only herself but other parents in similar situations. She now understood the importance of consistency with her children and can apply ‘family rules’, especially in difficult situations.

Counselling and intervention support services

Counselling and Intervention Support Services are designed to provide targeted therapeutic support, involving skilled and qualified practitioners, to children and young people in out-of-home care and their families. The main goal is to increase the stability of children and young people under 18 who are subject to a statutory intervention. The therapeutic response is tailored to support children and young people who have experienced trauma arising from physical, emotional or sexual abuse/harm and neglect.