Family support

We're here to help your family grow and thrive

We help more than 2200 Queensland families through our family support services and specialist family programs.

What we do

Our practical family support programs are located across Queensland and can help you and your family move forward.

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Parenting skills

Parenting is tough. See our programs to help develop your parenting skills, keep your family together and create a happier, safer home.
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Drug, alcohol & gambling

Addiction is common in the community. We're here to help you move forward.
How we help with drugs, alcohol use, gambling

Family violence

We're here to help you create a violence-free home.
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Managing money

We can help you create a budget and manage your money better.
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Mental health

Anxiety, depression and other mental health problems are common in the community. We can help.
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Health care

We can help arrange support for health problems that might be causing pain and stress for you or your family .
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We can help you find and keep a job.
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We can help you find and apply for affordable and stable housing
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How do I apply for family support?

Often, you'll need to be referred to us by Queensland's Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services or another referral service. For some programs, you can also refer yourself.