Discovery in the kindy room

A recent interest is outer space came about when a child chose to read one of the space information books every day and after some conversations with other children it was discovered that many other children were interested in exploring space.

Children and educators from Early Childhood Centre at Withcott have started making the solar system in their room starting with papier mâché planets.

Service Manager Robyn Finch said that they have been researching each planet by reading information books, and looking at pictures.

"We are making a class book about what we have learnt and to extend our knowledge and build understandings the children will be engaging in some experimenting to explore concepts of gravity and how craters are formed and rockets," Robyn said.

"The children have also been using their interest in space to practise their writing skills, making signs with each planet’s name to hang underneath the planets we have made."

This interest leads to discovering different ways to practice writing skills. The children enjoy playing a name game at group time where the teacher hides the name cards, when each child finds their name they have a go at writing it on the whiteboard.

The children have also been practising with water paint and chalk on the blackboards and learning to be responsible for naming their own art work.

The kindergarten children have enjoyed exploring their natural world and building their own understandings through observations, experimentation, comparing, making predictions and engaging in learning conversations.

"As we explored insects we began looking at other natural items around the playground using magnifying glasses to have a closer look," Robyn said.

"The children were challenged to think creatively as they were presented with some microscopic images of nature and asked to try and discover what they might be.

"Straight away the children were thinking and exploring the possibilities, suggesting they could be rain, flowers, fish and feathers."

To research their ideas the children were given microscopes and a variety of natural items to explore. One child confirmed his idea that one of the pictures was a feather when he examined a feather under the microscope.

Another child tried lots of different objects even placing her finger under the microscope concluding that one of the pictures is of someone’s finger. They are still exploring this and come up with different suggestions each day.

The children are connecting with and contribute to their world as they become confident and involved learners.

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While Christian values of kindness and acceptance are reflected in the supportive, loving environment created for the children, all Churches of Christ Care early childhood services are non-denominational and celebrate cultural diversity.

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Posted July 21, 2015 in News