Worms teach children about caring for our environment

    The children at Churches of Christ Care North Buderim Early Childhood Centre are using worm farms to learn about gardening, the environment and sustainability.

    The idea for introducing a worm farm to the centre began in 2011, following the children’s interest in growing their own produce.

    Centre Manager Rhonda Braxton said the children were delighted when the first worm farm was donated by the Sunshine Coast Council.

    "A representative from the Council visited our centre and taught the children about setting up and maintaining the farm," she said.

    "Following its success the centre received a second farm together with a rotating compost bin from Bunnings. Over the years we have acquired other resources to assist with composting and sustainability."

    Those resources have included:

    • worm towers
    • additional composting bins
    • Bokashi compost bins, which are a system that organically breaks down all food waste that cannot be placed in the worm bins or green waste binsorm towers, which are placed directly into the gardens
    • a large rain water tank that the children use to water the gardens.

    The organic gardens grow vegetables, herbs and flowers and provide opportunities for children of all ages to learn about caring for the environment, sustainability and life cycles. The children are also able to eat the produce and use it in cooking experiences, teaching them about healthy eating and living.

    Through this program, children learn to be environmentally responsible and gain an understanding of the benefits of environmental sustainability and the importance of composting and organic gardening.

    At each meal time, they actively participate in recycling by separating their waste into food scraps for the general compost bins, bokashi bins and worm farms, and sort the rest of their rubbish into recycling and landfill waste.

    Encourage your children to stay involved by making your own worm farm at home.

    Posted July 28, 2016 in Blog