What is family day care?

    Family day care is a home-based education and care service provided by a qualified educator in an approved home environment.  

    Quality and standards

    Our service is currently exceeding the national quality standards and meeting all national education and care regulations. We are also members of Family Day Care Australia.

    Each educator has a certificate in early childhood education and has completed an extensive screening and training process.

    Our philosophy

    In family day care we recognise and support the importance of learning through play and exploration in a safe and nurturing home environment. Our educators may care for up to four children under school age, and no more than three school-aged children.

    Educators provide experiences that are designed to meet a child’s individual needs and interests. Indoor and outdoor play experiences are age appropriate with children self-selecting activities such as storytelling, craft, painting, play-dough, sand and water play, climbing, swings and bike riding.

    10 benefits of family day care

    Our families choose family day care for a number of reasons, the popular ones are:

    1. Flexible care options 

    2. Small groups

    3. Siblings can stay together

    4. Multi-age groups

    5. Only pay for hours booked

    6. Government fee relief

    7. Range of local educators

    8. Safe, secure home environments

    9. Meeting or exceeding National Quality Framework

    10. Early Years Learning and My Time, Our Place Frameworks.

    How to find a family day care educator near you

    Get in touch with a family day care service near you, a local coordinator will talk with you about what kind of care you need and match you with an educator in your area.

    Once you and your child have visited an educator that is a good match your local coordinator will complete the enrolment process with you.

    Posted April 5, 2019 in Blog