The highs and lows of young children’s clothing

    Many of us know how it feels to ‘have nothing to wear’, but it’s not until you become a parent that you truly understand just how much this can impact your budget. Children can experience massive growth spurts during the early childhood years, which means the clothes you purchased at the beginning of a season may not fit towards the end of that same season.

    Cassandra Dinte, Centre Manager at a Churches of Christ Care Early Childhood Centre came up with a great way to overcome the expenses and inconvenience this incurs… a clothes swap! This concept allows families to save some money and the hassle of shopping, by exchanging perfectly good pieces of clothing at the centre.

    "The idea came about as we had a number of families that often ask if we would like donated clothes, but we also have a number of families saying their children just grow out of clothes and shoes so quickly," said Cassie. "We have had an overwhelming response to the clothes swap and have had lots of items coming in."

    Kicking off in February 2015, it is now an ongoing venture, with families regularly donating and swapping clothes, not only for themselves, but also for other family members who don’t have children at the centre.

    The idea has even expanded to families asking if they could bring in adult and teenage clothes to swap.

    There is a simple code for parents to follow, which is that for whatever they take they must replace.

    Clothes are only accepted if they are in good condition, and with an abundance of clothing being donated, many items are added to the clothes swap, and the rest are donated to local charity shops.

    This is a great idea that not only helps families save money, but helps to develop a sense of charity within the centre.

    Why not start a clothes swap at your Early Childhood Centre? Speak to your centre manager today.

    Posted July 13, 2016 in Blog