Ready for remote education

    Located approximately 750 kilometres west of Brisbane, and over 200 kilometres from Charleville, there are not many places more remote than Cunnamulla.

    When the kindergarten teacher left our Early Childhood Centre in Cunnamulla last December, the centre set out to find a new teacher to take up the challenge of teaching
    young children in such a remote area.

    On Tuesday 18 April, Jane Webb stepped into the vital role.

    Jane said she was drawn to the position in Cunnamulla as she knew she wanted to work in a rural area after graduating from a Bachelor of Education – Early Childhood.

    Jane had spent many years working as a nanny overseas, and has worked in the Northern Territory and Arnhem Land. “I worked for a year in Arnhem Land, but Cunnamulla is much more remote, about a third of the size,” Jane said of moving to the small western Queensland town.

    “Everyone here is really nice and I am enjoying working here. I want to set down roots somewhere for a while,” she said.

    The Cunnamulla Early Childhood Centre and Kindergarten, which is the only early education centre for many hours, currently has 14 children taking part in the government
    funded kindergarten program. And with a qualified early childhood teacher, the children are set to receive the best possible start to their education.

    “While we teach literacy, numeracy, name recognition, months, and the alphabet and so on, the main thing we try to focus on is building the children’s independence and
    social interaction—how to do things for themselves and building valuable social skills—so they are ready and equipped to start school,” Jane said.

    The new kindergarten teacher’s arrival has been warmly welcomed by the service and local community. Service Manager Margaret Darcy in particular was glad to welcome
    their new, highly experienced teacher to the dedicated team.

    “While we have had our qualified staff stepping in to help teach the kindergarten children so far this year, it is wonderful to have Jane now to educate our children and be part of our team,” she said.

    Posted June 26, 2017 in Blog