Play is a necessity for children

    Families and educators would agree that play for children is important but how well understood is the necessity for children to play?

    Churches of Christ Care Early Childhood Centre at Withcott encourages play as a regular part of learning, Service Manager Robyn Finch said.

    "Not only is play essential for all children, it is actually a biological imperative for them to play,"

    "Play has no goal, but it has a purpose, to prepare children’s minds and bodies for life," Ms Finch said.

    "As Albert Einstein said ‘play is the highest form of research’."

    There is a variety of research supporting a play based learning approach in children’s learning, and highlights the potential for harm when a direct-instruction approach is used.

    Withcott Early Childhood Centre advocates a play based approach, supported by research by Hart, Yang, Charlesworth and Burt (2003) that concluded that children under direct instruction were more stressed; more inclined to hostility and aggression, hyperactivity and distraction than children in developmentally appropriate play based programs.

    "When children play they are developing initiative, creativity, persistence, problem solving, exploration, a sense of competency, responsibility, language, understanding of others and self, sharing and cooperation, understanding of the world and around us, and more," Ms Finch said.

    "At Withcott Early Childhood Centre we believe children and young people determine and control the content and intent of their play, by following their own instincts, ideas and interests, in their own way for their own reasons."

    "Our role as educators is to enrich each child’s play so they can extend on their own learning."

    Withcott Early Childhood Centre is one of 23 licensed and accredited child care services operated by Churches of Christ Care – one of the leading providers of high quality, accredited child care services in Queensland.

    While Christian values of kindness and acceptance are reflected in the supportive, loving environment created for the children, all Churches of Christ Care early childhood services are non-denominational and celebrate cultural diversity.

    If you would like to learn more about Withcott Early Childhood Centre, call 07 4630 3722 or better still, drop by for a chat at 42 Biggs Road. Find your nearest centre here.

    Posted January 11, 2016 in Blog