Make healthy eating a habit for kids

    A healthy mind and body starts with good nutrition. When children have a healthy diet they behave better, can listen well and concentrate for longer periods of time, and have more sustainable energy for physical activity.

    You can encourage your children to make healthy eating a habit, by involving them in the process – from garden to plate.

    Grow a vegetable garden

    Get the children to help you create a vegetable patch. They can choose which vegetables to grow, plant the seeds, water the garden and do the harvesting. This will not only teach them about fresh food, but picking and eating vegetables that they’ve grown themselves is exciting and rewarding.

    Keep it simple

    Focus on recipes that have minimal steps and only a few ingredients.  

    Colour is key

    Kids love colour, and luckily Mother Nature provides a colourful array of fresh ingredients, so let them go through your cookbooks and choose recipes that have vibrant colours.  

    Homemade take away

    Fish and chips, burgers, pizzas … most take away meals have a healthy homemade alternative.

    Take the children shopping

    Once the children have chosen what they would like to make, it’s time to go grocery shopping. Take them to the store with you and make a game out of finding the ingredients.   

    Make cooking fun

    Show them how much fun preparing a meal can be. Let them measure the ingredients and add them as required. Remember that making a mess is a part of cooking, even for adults, so don’t stress about it … but do teach them to clean up as they go.

    Setting the table

    Even setting the table is an important part of the process that can become a fun and educational activity. Teach them where cutlery and crockery should be placed, and then let them get creative with table decorations, flowers, table cloths, placemats and serviettes.

    Children are far more likely to enjoy cooking and eating what has been created if they have some ownership in the process.

    Another great idea is to get them to help pack their lunch box full of healthy treats as well.

    For more ways to teach your children healthy habits for a healthy life, download this brochure produced by the Department of Health and Ageing.  


    Posted March 6, 2018 in Blog