Key to kindy kids learning

    Growing up, did you love playing and exploring; jumping, skipping and running; painting, singing and dancing?

    Kindergarten is a big step and the start of children’s official education, setting them up for their lifetime of learning.

    Our kindergartens aim to foster the unique individualism of each child as active, curious and creative.

    At Withcott Early Childhood Centre, Service Manager Robyn Finch said the kindergarten has a self-directed environment, which promotes personally meaningful and enjoyable learning and follow the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines.

    "As part of these guidelines we focus on five key learning and development areas which describe the breadth of knowledge, skills and dispositions that children explore during their kindergarten year within a holistic learning program," Robyn said.

    "Through the program, children have the opportunity for integrated learning through play, real life experiences, routines and transitions in a program based on respect, responsibility and community," she said.

    At the end of the year a transition statement is generated for each child to provide to their new school teacher. It communicates their motivations, strengths, understandings and learning style and describes the level of support they may require in certain situations, making their transition to schooling that much easier.

    Let your child explore their individuality through an educational program and care environment at a Churches of Christ early childhood and kindergarten centre.

    Posted February 5, 2016 in Blog