Healthy end of year celebration food

    As the year comes to a close there are so many opportunities for children to celebrate... play group parties, end of year concerts, and family get-togethers to name a few.

    The ‘occasional’ foods often supplied at these kind of gatherings can result in sugar highs that eventually see even the most easy-going child come crashing down into a monumental low.

    You can avoid this inevitable crash … and still give the kids that extra energy burst, by using your imagination and keeping sugars and artificial colours and flavourings at a low.

    Disguise healthy drinks and food by giving them names keeping with your theme - for example green fruit smoothies could be called Shrek Juice. Fruit pieces can be joined together to create your child’s favourite characters.  

    Try some of these simple healthy ideas:

    • Fruit kebabs
    • Vegetable sticks with minty yoghurt dip
    • Yoghurt popsicles
    • Healthy chocolate crackles
    • Vegetable and chicken sausage rolls
    • Air-popped popcorn
    • Home made pizza

    Be smart this party season – use your imagination, get creative, choose foods with lots of (natural) colours, get the kids involved in the process, and you’re bound to end the year on a healthy high.  


    Posted December 7, 2017 in Blog