Aged care chaplaincy

The Aged Care Chaplains provide a service of holistic pastoral care in each of our 29 residential aged care services in Queensland and Victoria.  During this last year, further progress was made in extending our pastoral care services to clients in the Retirement Living and Community Care services. A significant amount of work was also done in the development of a model of pastoral care that is specifically appropriate for palliative care facilities.

Coffee Chaplaincy

A group of volunteers attend the Mental health Ward at the Nambour General Hospital, the Sunshine Coast University hospital, and the Continuing Care Unit at Mountain Creek every week. They take a coffee machine and serve patients and staff with coffee and care. Through hospitality, listening and just being present, patients and staff feel loved and valued. This team of chaplains have been serving in this way since October 2008 and are warmly welcomed as part of the hospital team.

Housing chaplaincy

Our Housing chaplaincy program also extends to the provision of pastoral care and community development within our affordable housing sites. This provides our tenants with physical, emotional and spiritual support, and opportunity to reach personal and community goals.