Family support services

Churches of Christ Care delivers family support services that provide information and practical assistance to give families the help they need to become stronger, more capable and resilient. All programs are aimed at improving the quality of life for children and their families.

Our family support services assist vulnerable families address multiple and/or complex needs and build their capacity to safely care for and protect their children.

We deliver family support services to assist families address identified needs before reaching crisis point.

Family and Child Connect

Our Family and Child Connect services provide the community with practical family support options, advice and referral information to help families access the services required to meet their individual needs.

Intensive Family Support Services

Intensive Family Support services (known as Families Together) are available for families with complex support needs and at risk of reaching crisis point. Funded by the Queensland Government, these services are delivered by Churches of Christ Care and its partners in the South and South-West Brisbane, Moreton Bay, Fraser Coast, Bundaberg and Mackay regions.

Bringing Up Great Kids

In the Townsville region, we deliver the Bringing Up Great Kids Dthulgurri Weeburra Giyu program on behalf of the Australian government. It is a free six-week parenting program that uses ideas of mindfulness and reflection to support parents in reviewing and enhancing their patterns of communication with their children, promoting more respectful interactions, and encouraging the development of children’s positive self-identity.

Assessment and Intervention Services

We also provide a range of Assessment and Intervention Services, which currently operate in Townsville, Mackay, Maryborough and the Gold Coast. They provide counselling support during children’s visits to family, assessment of when it is safe for children to return home permanently, mediation to resolve conflict, and delivery of training and practical support in areas such as parenting, positive behaviour and anger management.

To learn more about Churches of Christ Care's Family Support Services, visit our website.