Learning and Development at Churches of Christ in Queensland

    Working for Churches of Christ in Queensland is more than just a job … it’s a genuine learning opportunity. We are a learning organisation that really understands the importance of ongoing development, and have a dedicated department that provides many fantastic resources and training for all employees.

    “Employee learning and development will be more important than ever,” states Lorraine Lane, Group Manager Learning and Development. When it comes to workplace learning, employees can expect a consumer experience – gaining the skills they need in order to thrive in their position and beyond.

    Our Learning and Development Framework is designed to provide clear direction and a consistent strategy for managing the process. This framework encourages life-long learning principles for all people who are part of the Churches of Christ in Queensland network.

    The large diversity of services we provide across our organisation present many unique challenges, and our activities provide a range of learning modes to maximise learning opportunities according to various circumstances and need.

    This is a learning organisation where people are continually increasing their capacity to really care about and be proud of the results they produce. We are proud to be an employer of choice, where employees at all levels enjoy working.

    Our staff are vital to our success and to the lives we care for, and we encourage teams and individuals to be creative, challenged and continually growing.

    We support and enable this growth through a suite of training courses delivered over each calendar year. Courses such as:

    • mental health first aid,
    • manual handling,
    • Microsoft Office suite,  
    • personal safety
    • professional boundaries

    are easily accessible through an online booking system.

    Join us knowing that your development is in good hands.

    Posted October 5, 2017 in Blog