How to prepare for an assessment centre interview

    Certain positions at Churches of Christ Care require candidates to undergo a practical assessment centre interview.  

    These interviews are used to evaluate the performance of candidates in either individual or group situations that are based on real work scenarios.

    We’ve put together some tips on how to stand out in an assessment centre:

    Prepare and research

    Knowing that you are well prepared will give you a great confidence boost, which assessors will be able to sense.

    Do your research and find out as much about our organisation and the role as possible. Suggested research includes the organisation’s mission and values, key challenges, and competitors.

    Prepare responses

    Prepare answers for more general questions such as your past experience and skills, and goals and aspirations. Practice your responses at home to help build your confidence.

    Review and know your resume

    It may sound a little silly, but in the heat of the moment it is easy to forget bits and pieces about your own experience. Before leaving for the assessment centre, take a moment to refresh your memory about past positions and actual situations addressed within these roles.

    First impressions count

    A first impression can last forever... show that you mean business by dressing appropriately and presenting yourself in a professional manner.

    Read the interview invitation carefully and make sure that you have everything with you that has been requested; this might include certain paperwork and identification.

    Punctuality is another key element … always arrive at your destination earlier than your specified interview time.

    Turn your phone off or keep it on silent to avoid disruptions.

    Know the job you have applied for

    Make sure that you know what type of activities and tasks that you’ll be expected to do as part of this new role. If you have not been given the outline, ask for more details or have a position description sent to you prior to the interview date.


    We might ask you – either prior to, or during the assessment - to do a presentation. You will most likely be given a certain problem or situation to which you need to supply a solution, and answer questions about it afterwards.


    Anticipate questions and prepare answers. There are some questions that you can focus on prior to your interview, including those about the industry, organisation, and the role you have applied for.

    Always be prepared to describe in detail every scenario you are given at the assessment centre, including the action you took and what you achieved from the situation.

    Remember to show your enthusiasm too towards your potential new role and employer.

    Group assessment

    We might ask you to undertake a group assessment with other candidates, so assessors are able to evaluate how you work in a team, as well as your communication and leadership skills. Throughout these group activities, there are a few things that you should keep in mind including staying focussed, being supportive and considerate of others, taking the lead where you can, and not being too assertive or dominant.

    Be brave

    Don’t be afraid to use break time to start a conversation with other candidates, staff members, and assessors. This gives you the opportunity to learn more about us and our industries.

    You can find all relevant information about Churches of Christ in Queensland and working for us on our websites.



    Posted August 31, 2017 in Blog