Networking Issue 4 - 2016

Networking Issue 4 – 2016 now available

On 8 September, across the nation, we are urged to ask just one question: ‘Are you ok?’. RUOK? Day promotes mental wellbeing and how you can be there for someone you feel may not be travelling so well at the moment. Everyday, our community chaplains are out in their communities helping people and asking this very question. Community Chaplain Lynne Feldon provides her advice on how you can ask someone if they are ok, and her experience of being there for people in their time of need and helping them through.

There are also many wonderful stories in this edition that show how everyday we are the bearers of light. You can read about some of the wonderful things our churches and care services have been up to over the past couple of months. These include our Housing Services team raising awareness for those experiencing homelessness and volunteer physiotherapists freely giving their time and specialised skills at Churches of Christ Medical Santo.

In November, we will once again come together for Celebrate 2016, which will include the Centrifuge event and Annual General Meeting Dinner on Thursday 10 November.

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