ConXion 2017

The final edition of ConXion is now available.

Moving forward, these stories and messages of hope, healing, encouragement and inspiration will be included in Networking magazine, and reach a wider audience.

In this reflective edition, a number of regular contributors provide their reflections on ConXion, what it has meant to them, and what it means to be a Christian woman in today’s world.

There are stories from Editor Donna Savill, Pam Hine, Andi Owen, Kate Grieve, Bonnie Seip, Laura Snook, Carol Joseph, Kylie Vincent, Vicki Marney, Maree Thomson, Kerry Schulz, Bel Thomson, Pip Nelson, Jeannie Rosendale and Janette Phelan, all of which illustrate how we are all shining lights in our community.

You can still contribute your stories to be included in the pages of Networking by emailing hope you enjoy this final edition of ConXion. Thank you to everyone who has contributed, read and shared over the years.

Download PDF Posted December 5, 2017 in conXion