Strategic Plan 2019-2024

A message from the Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Churches of Christ in Queensland has been on a very exciting journey over recent years bringing the light of Christ into communities. 

While it has been an exciting time of growth, it has also been a challenging time for the communities in which we serve. Our Australian population is ageing, there are increases in child, youth and family issues, increases in homelessness, and Christianity is in decline in Australia and the Western world. 

This Strategic Plan 2019-2024 aims to shape and guide our organisation, churches and movement for our next season. 

Who we are and what we stand for as Churches of Christ is at the core of all that we do. As the needs of our communities are growing, so too we need to grow to meet them. Our strategies over the past five years have been working well. Our model of service integration have developed and we are increasing the number of integrated campuses as centres of strength across Queensland and Victoria. 
As we move into a new season of growth, it is important for us to strengthen what we already do. For the next five years we intend to focus on seven strategic areas that will see us build the Kingdom of God, lead in serving the community, innovate and improve, build our culture, develop our people, provide the right support and manage well. We will also partner with like-minded organisations, key industry bodies and researches to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers and the wider community. 

Our people are always our greatest asset and we see to be a workplace where our culture is healthy and employee satisfaction is high. 
We have reviewed and expanded our Values to now include: Unconditional Love, Continual Innovation, Mutual Trust and Wise Stewardship.

We have also refined our Vision so we have a clear path and direction on where we aspire to be in the future so that we are recognised as a growing, Christ-centred, collaborative faith movement, leading in: 

  • building supportive integrated communities
  • delivering innovative, holistic, caring services
  • empowering people to live hope-filled, meaningful lives. 

Over the next five years we are inviting each person in the Churches of Christ community to stretch and strive to achieve all that we have set out to do. It is with hope, trust and confidence that we move forward in faith, to help change lives and offer hope to our communities. 

View the full Strategic Plan 2019 - 2024 below.

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