Strategic Plan 2015–18

Churches of Christ in Queensland Strategic Plan 2015-18

A message from the Board Chair and Chief Executive Officer

Churches of Christ in Queensland has been on a very exciting journey over recent years. After much work, in 2010 every area of our organisation united around one mission: ‘Bringing the light of Christ into communities’ and six goals that we needed to focus on in order to forward this mission. At our 2014 Annual General Meeting we presented a report card on our five-year progress against these six goals and the plans we set for ourselves in our last strategic plan. The report card showed significant growth in all areas of our work, services and resources.

Who we are, and what we stand for as Churches of Christ, is a constant call to our movement to try to meet these challenges, and in this season we are determined to further make a positive difference for the individuals, families and communities we serve. We will do this through a range of Christ-inspired, holistic responses aimed at uplifting every life we touch. As the needs of our communities are growing, so we too need to grow to meet them. Our strategies of the past five years have been working well, and we intend to expand our core areas of service and extend our geographical reach so we can help the light of Christ to shine in more communities.

With a focus on our primary objective of transforming lives, we intend to invest in our people, technologies and infrastructure to further strengthen a platform of excellence that will sustain us as a service and thought leader for many years to come. The next three years will be vital in positioning Churches of Christ in Queensland with sufficient scale, resources and relevant models of mission to enable us to fulfil our vision. This document lays out those plans and is an exciting blueprint for our future.

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