The Church from the Paddock, second edition

The second editon of 'The Church from the Paddock' contains new highlights from the early 1900s that have been foundational to the successes today in bringing the light of Christ to communities.

Stories of Stephen Cheek - the man who lit the spark, David Ewers, Frederick and Johanna Stubbin, EC Hinrichsen,Vi Callanan, Harold and Mary Finger - Missionaries to Vanuatu, have been refreshed with more insights.

New stories and updated sections are listed below:

  • Toowoomba beginnings - The Faithfulness of God
  • Mission and Evangelism through Public Proclamation
  • An example of Light in Dark Times: Charles Young
  • Chaplain - General Allen Brooke
  • Responding to the 1974 flood
  • Care - Bringing the light of Christ to communities
  • Ministry to and with Indigenous People in Queensland
  • Women's Ministry in Queensland.

We would like to acknowledge the vast number of people and their life works that have shaped Churches of Christ in Queensland. Although there are limitations to a publication of this kind, we have endeavoured to cover as many varied stories as possible.

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