Our organisation

Our organisation

Churches of Christ in Queensland is led by our Council, Board and leadership team. Our churches elect a Council to provide organisational direction, foster mission through intentional prayer and encouragement and ensure representation on key civic and inter-church related activities.

Conference Council

Churches of Christ in Queensland affiliated churches elect a Conference Council (Council), who usually met bi-monthly during 2017-18. The principal responsibilities of the Council include appointing the Board, fostering the mission and objectives of the organisation through intentional prayer and encouragement, and ensuring Churches of Christ in Queensland is represented in key civic and inter-church activities.

Image: L-R Andi Owen (Gympie CofC), Steve Nixon (Kingaroy, CofC), Chris Gribble (Highfields, CofC), Steve Peach (Southport CofC), Geoff Runge (Sanctuary Park CofC), Vicki Marney (Toowoomba North CofC), Ken Ewald (Chair of the Board and Redlands CofC), Geoff Charles (Chair of Council and Springwood CofC), Kevan Denny (Sunnybank CofC). Seated in front L-R: Gary Edwards (CEO, Whitehill CofC), Rue Masunungure (Director - Governance).

The Council has two committees, with membership drawn from Council members, local church leaders, externally co-opted professional advisers, and relevant senior staff. For most of 2017-18 these committees were known as The Nominations (Council and Board membership appointment) Committee; and the Professional Standards Unit committee, which in June was re-structured to form two committees - the Ministry Ethics Unit and the Healing and Redress Group.

Council members as at 30 June 2018

Andi Owen Gympie Church of Christ  
Chris Downes Silverdale Church of Christ  
Chris Gribble Highfields Church of Christ  
Dale White (Deputy Chair) HumeRidge Church of Christ (Toowoomba) Resigned on 16  November 2018
Geoff Charles (Chair) Springwood Church of Christ (Logan) Council and Board Membership (Chair)
Myles Waldron Mackay Church of Christ Resigned  16 November 2017
Ron Hawkins Gladstone Church of Christ Resigned 16 November 2017
Steve Nixon Kingaroy Church of Christ  
Steve Peach Southport Church of Christ  
David Taylor Redcliffe Church of Christ  
Vicki Marney Toowoomba North Church of Christ  
Kevin Denny Sunnybank Church of Christ  

Ex officio members

Gary Edwards Chair of Churches of Christ in Queensland Board Council and Board Membership


Meeting attendance record

Number of Council meetings attended

Number of Council meeetings eligible to attend

Elected members

Andi Owen   7
Chris Downes 7 7
Chris Gribble 7 7
Dale White 3 3
Geoff Charles (Chair) 7 7
Geoff Runge 4 4
Myles Waldron 3 3
Ron Hawkins 3 3
Steve Nixon 7 7
Steve Peach 5 7
David Taylor 4 4
David Taylor 4 4
Greg Runge 3 3

Ex officio members

Gary Edwards 7 7
Guests with standing invitation to attend meetings
Rue Masunungure 6 7



Members of our Board are appointed by the Conference Council. As the legal Board of Directors, they oversee the governance of the organisation. The Board is responsible for taking actions required to ensure we meet the objectives that are set out in the strategic plan.This year they have been reviewing our strategic plan and developing the next strategic plan for 2019-24.

Image: Back row L-R: John Adermann, Nigel King, Doug Sparkes, Gary Edwards. Front row L-R: Ken Ewald, Rilla Roberts, Geoff Charles, Jill Gray.

Board members

The Board of Churches of Christ in Queensland is appointed by the Council and during 2017-18 they met monthly.

The Board has four committees, with membership drawn from Board members and relevant senior staff. These are:

  • Finance and Infrastructure
  • Mission and People
  • Governance and Risk
  • Remuneration.

The Chair of the Council is a full member of the Board and the Chair of the Board is a full member of the Council. The Chief Executive Officer is the most senior paid member of the organisation and reports directly to the Board. The Director - Governance is also the Secretary to both the Council and the Board, and reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer.

Appointed Board members at 30 June 2018


Appointed members
Doug Sparkes Westside Church of Christ (Brisbane) Mission and People (Chair)
Gary Edwards (Chair) Whitehill Church of Christ (Ipswich) Finance and Infrastructure (Chair); Remuneration (Chair)
Jillian Carson Southern Community Church of Christ Governance and Risk
Jill Gray Southport Church of Christ Mission and People
John Adermann Camp Hill Church of Christ (Brisbane) Mission and People
Ken Ewald Redlands Church of Christ Finance and Infrastructure
Rilla Roberts Sunnybank District Baptist Church (Brisbane) Governance and Risk
Steven Muller Fernvale Community Church (Lockyer Valley) Governance and Risk (Chair)
Ex officio members
Geoff Charles Chair of Churches of Christ in Queensland Council/ Conference President  


Meeting attendance record
1/7/17 – 30/6/18

Number of Board meetings attended

Number of Board meetings eligible to attend

Doug Sparkes 11 11
Gary Edwards 11 11
Jillian Carson 11 11
Jill Gray 11 11
John Adermann 11 11
Ken Ewald 11 11
Rilla Roberts 10 11
Paul Scully 10 11
Steven Muller    
Ex officio members
Geoff Charles 11 11
Guests with standing invitation to attend meetings
Rue Masunungure                                        11 11

Doug Sparkes
Doug joined the Churches of Christ in Queensland Board in February 2014 and is also Chair of the Mission and People Committee and a member of the Remuneration Committee.

As a Principal Education Officer and Solicitor working for the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, where he is responsible for developing and reviewing domestic building contracts and for educating and assisting industry associations, contractors and homeowners with legal issues. From 1997 to 2012, Doug also owned and operated a large family farming and grazing property on the Darling Downs.

He has previously worked in Canberra and Africa with the Diplomatic Corps, and in the building industry in Queensland.

Doug and his wife Ruth are members of the Westside Church of Christ (Brisbane), where he previously served as an elder.

Gary Edwards (Chair)

Gary joined the Churches of Christ in Queensland Board in July 2010 and was appointed Board Chair in January 2013. He is also currently Chair of the Finance and Infrastructure and Remuneration Committees. As Chair of the Board, Gary is also a full voting member of the Churches of Christ in Queensland Council and its Board and Council Membership Committee.

Gary has been hte Managing Director of a significant property company based in the Ipswich area and has held previous  roles as a Managing Director for one of the largest Queensland-based commercial retailers, and as a chartered accountant.

During 2017-18, Gary was a Board member of West Moreton Hospital and Health Service, and a member of the Board’s Finance Committee and Risk and Audit Committee. Previous roles have included Deputy Chair of Bremer TAFE, Deputy Chair and Board member of Retravision Northern Ltd, Board member of Ipswich City Rotary Club, Board member of RT Edwards and Sons Pty Ltd, Deputy Chair of Westside Christian College and Chair of Elders at Whitehill Church of Christ.

With experience in strategic planning, Gary brings senior financial management expertise, knowledge and experience in community services and corporate governance, together with local church involvement to the Board.

Gary and his wife Rechelle are members of the Whitehill Church of Christ (Ipswich), where he has held numerous leadership positions over many years.

Jillian Carson

Jill joined the Churches of Christ in Queensland Board in December 2015.

As the Chief Executive Officer of a private residential aged care operator in Victoria, Jill has had more than 20 years of senior level executive and board experience in the aged care and nursing sectors, including 10 years as Chief Executive Officer and Board Member of  Churches of Christ Community Care (a ministry of the Churches of Christ Vic/Tas).

She brings considerable industry, Church of Christ and corporate board-level experience to the Board.

Jill resides in Melbourne, where she is a member of the Southern Community Church of Christ.

Jill Gray
a DBA, MBus, MMin, BA Diplomas in Vocational Education and Training, Training Design and Development, Screen and Media, and Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

Jill joined the Churches of Christ Queensland Board in July 2016.  She has held a number of leadership and management roles in government and the private sector, and has served in the church as an Elder, Church Councillor and Pastor. She has also facilitated vision planning for several churches and Christian organisations.

As a Management Consultant, Jill has conducted strategic planning and organisational reviews, prepared capability development strategies and conducted leadership development programs and mentoring for executive teams.  She is also an experienced educator and has taught in vocational and higher education at TAFE, universities and private educational institutions.  

Jill has a personal commitment to growing and developing others and has actively engaged in training, coaching and mentoring people both formally and informally over many years.  She has extensive experience and qualifications in business leadership and management, ministry and learning and development.

Jill and her husband Marty are members of Newlife Uniting Church at Robina.

John Adermann
BMin DipMin GAIC

John joined the Churches of Christ in Queensland Board in July 2010 and is also a member of the Mission and People Committee.

John has served in ministry and pastoral roles with Churches of Christ in New South Wales and Queensland for more than 20 years, and is currently involved in a professional capacity with various community and political groups in Queensland.

He brings a lifetime of experience in local church Boards and ministry leadership to the Board.

John and his wife Tina are members of the Camp Hill Church of Christ, where he was formerly the pastor for 14 years.

Ken Ewald

Ken joined the Churches of Christ in Queensland Board in September 2014, and is also a member of the Finance and Infrastructure Committee.

Recently retiring from commercial business, Ken brings to the Board a lifetime of experience in senior executive roles with Australasian financial planning and risk advisory companies, including National

Mutual, AXA Australia, Western Pacific and Shadforth Financial Group.

He is actively involved in numerous church and charitable Boards, including the Bayside Strategic Action Leadership team, Redland Foundation and Young Life Australia.

Ken is a member of the Redlands Church of Christ, where he has held numerous leadership positions over many years, including treasurer, deacon and elder. He is married to Noela and they have five children.

Rilla Roberts
RN FRCN PGCertAdvNursPrac(DementiaCare) MAppEthics(Healthcare) GradDipNurseAdmin DipAppSc(NursingEd)

Rilla joined the Churches of Christ in Queensland Board at its inception in January 2010, having previously served on the Churches of Christ Care Board. She is also a member of the Governance and Risk Committee.

Rilla is an aged care consultant and health educator, with many years’ experience in executive and nursing leadership roles in the healthcare sector, principally in the aged care arena.

Rilla brings a lifetime of corporate, healthcare and local church involvement to the Churches of Christ in Queensland Board.

Rilla and her husband Adrian are members of the Sunnybank District Baptist Church (Brisbane).

Steven Muller
LLM(Commercial) LLB GradDipLP

Steven joined the Churches of Christ in Queensland Board in July 2012 and chairs the Governance and Risk Committee and a member of the Remuneration Committee.

He is a senior lawyer practicing in the areas of commercial litigation and insolvency with a mid-tier Brisbane law firm and brings considerable experience through this and previous legal roles to the Churches of Christ in Queensland Board.

Steven and his wife Claudia attend Springwood Church of Christ. He was previously a member of the Fernvale Community Church until March 2017.  

Ex officio members

Geoff Charles (Chair of Churches of Christ in Queensland Council/Conference President)
Dip.Min. BA. MA(Theol). GAICD.

Geoff joined the Churches of Christ in Queensland Board in December 2016, having previously served on the Churches of Christ in Queensland Council and the Mission and People Board sub-committee. He is a Director on the Council of Churches of Christ in Australia and he is currently the Chair of the Council of Churches of Christ in Queensland and the Nominations Committee.

As a Senior Pastor, with nearly 40 years ministry experience, he has balanced the realities of a growing church engaged with its local community and the challenges of Conference expansion.

Geoff has pursued leadership dynamics and organisational health over many years through his practical approach and academic focus.  He brings a lifetime of pastoral understanding, group dynamics and church leadership to the Churches of Christ in Queensland Board.

Geoff and his wife Wendy are members of the Springwood Church of Christ where he has served since 1982.


Chief Executive Officer and Executive Group

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for leading Churches of Christ in Queensland and forwarding our mission. Reporting directly to the Board, the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for promoting the purpose and values of Churches of Christ in Queensland. This involves developing and implementing strategies to achieve a united mission-focused vision, while inspiring stakeholders to contribute to, and advance, these strategies through the wider community.

The Executive Group is responsible for ensuring that our activities are aligned with the strategic direction of and the mission and values of Churches of Christ in Queensland. The Executive Team is also responsible for leading the organisation and forwarding our mission. They promote our purpose and values and inspire the Strategic Management Group, staff and church leaders to work together to achieve our collective vision and the strategic goals as agreed with the Board and overseen by Council

Chief Executive Officer – Gary Edwards B Com CPA FCA FAICD

Gary Edwards was permanently appointment to the role of Chief Executive Officer of Churches of Christ in Queensland, effective 1 September 2018.

Gary had been in the role of Acting Chief Executive Officer of Churches of Christ in Queensland since July 2018. As well as Chair of our Board for the past 6 years, a member of our Council, and an active member of one of our local Churches, Gary also brings with him many years of personal and business understanding of both Churches of Christ in Queensland as a whole and the breadth of care services that are currently offered through our organisation. Gary has had previous experience within the business, community and Government sectors, and has personally contributed to many high level Boards.

Previous roles have included Deputy Chair of Bremer TAFE, Deputy Chair and Board member of Retravision Northern Ltd, Board Member of Ipswich City Rotary Club, Board Member of RT Edwards and Sons Pty Ltd, Deputy Chair of Westside Christian College and Chair of Elders at Whitehill Church of Christ.

Gary and his wife Rochelle currently attend Whitehill Church of Christ having done so for over 20 years.

The Executive Team

The function of the Chief Officers Team which existed in 2016-2018 has been broadened to what is now the Executive Group.  

Gerry Weatherall
Executive Officer Business Development

Gerry Weatherall served as a member of Conference Council for two years in 2004 and 2005 and was a member of the Churches of Christ Care Board in 2009 and the Churches of Christ in Queensland Board in 2010.

In November of 2010 he took up the role as the Director of Mission Development as part of the Executive Team, and in 2014 became the Chief Mission Development Officer. Gerry and his family have been active members of our Rivers Church at Kallangur for over 30 years.

Gerry spent his early working life as a technical officer and instructor in the public sector and later in private sector as a company owner. His roles have varied from general manager, chief technology officer, and chief executive officer to executive director of international publicly-listed companies. He is currently a member of the Queensland Council of Social Services and Queensland Community Alliance boards.

Along with his wife Joy, Gerry also worked for a number of years in mission roles in Vanuatu. He maintains a keen interest in the production of large music events, has his own recording studio, and was the technical producer of ‘The Lord Mayor’s Carols in the City’ for seven years.

As Chief Mission Development Officer Gerry is responsible for developing the mission of Churches of Christ in Queensland across all aspects of the organisation, ensuring that all of who we are and all of what we do is directed by, and aligned with, our mission to bring the light of Christ into communities. Gerry is passionate about his role and humbled by God’s calling to be part of the team at Churches of Christ in Queensland.

Desley Millwood
Executive Officer Communications
Desley has spent the last 14 years serving Churches of Christ in Queensland with great dedication and loyalty and before that served the community sector for many years.

Desley’s contribution  has been considerable and she has been instrumental in establishing and building the Communications, Media and Marketing function to support our organisation, which has grown substantially in that time. 

Desley contributed immensely to us delivering our mission to the broader community through her leadership.

Tim McMenamin
General Manager, Church and Community Engagement

Tim leads the Church and Community Engagement Team engaging with many people in the Churches of Christ community and beyond. He is passionate about helping people to connect with the kingdom of God and brings a wealth of experience to his role.

Tim has a longstanding commitment to our organisation serving as Group Manager of Strategic Mission Development, Acting Chief Mission Development Officer and Council Member. Prior to this he served for several years as Youth Pastor at Campbelltown Church of Christ and Senior Pastor of Nambour Church of Christ and in various missional and community outreaches across Queensland. 

Tim has a Bachelor of Theology and Advanced Diploma of Ministry.

Michael Brand
Chief Financial Officer

Michael is responsible for ensuring Churches of Christ in Queensland has sufficient financial resources and appropriate infrastructure to operate effectively and sustainably, while being able to achieve its operational and strategic goals.

Joining Churches of Christ in Queensland as the Chief Financial Officer in September 2015, Michael has solid foundations in finance, infrastructure development and executive leadership from over 25 years experience in both ASX listed and not-for-profit companies. He commenced his career at KPMG where he became a qualified chartered accountant and member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Michael has also successfully attained Graduate Diplomas in both Applied Corporate Governance and Applied Finance and Investment to complement his career progression.

After six years working at The Wesley Hospital as Director of Finance, Michael appreciates the drivers and culture of working at a values-based organisation. The last decade has seen him work in large global ASX listed companies where the goal was to grow the business and increase returns to stakeholders. This blend of experience is deemed necessary to ensure Churches of Christ in Queensland can implement the current strategic plan.

Bryan Mason
Executive Director Services

Bryan was appointed Executive Director Services in 2018 and is responsible for our Children, Youth and Families Services; Housing Services; Seniors and Supported Living Services; Learning and Development; Sales and Customer Service; Medical Santo and Research areas.

Bryan joined Churches of Christ Care in 2012 as General Manager responsible for residential aged care and in 2014 was appointed Director of Seniors and Supported Living.

Bryan has over 20 years’ experience in health and aged care in a variety of roles with extensive financial and senior project management experience with a national private hospital group. Additionally, he has been the business manager for a large national health fund; executive finance manager for a private hospital and managing director of a strategic consulting and internal solution organisation specialising in health sector solutions.

Bryan has a number of qualifications including a Master of Arts from the Multnomah Graduate School and a Bachelor of Economics, Accounting/Economics from Monash University

Rue Masunungure
Director, Governance

Rue is responsible for the day-to-day management of key organisational functions of risk management, compliance, quality and business improvement, internal audit, insurance, policy, legal and privacy. Additionally, Rue fulfils the role of in-house legal counsel and provides corporate and legal advice to management and staff on a range of legal and regulatory compliance issues affecting the organisation’s various services.

Rue also fulfils Company Secretarial duties for the Board and Council of Churches of Christ in Quensland, including the organisation’s subsidiary entities.

Prior to joining Churches of Christ Rue worked for over 20 years  in legal, governance and compliance roles in Australia, in the United States in Washington DC, and Africa. As a governance professional she appreciates that good governance is at the heart of any successful business and is essential for an organisation to achieve its objectives and drive improvement, as well as maintain legal and ethical standing in the eyes of its clients, regulators and the wider community. Rue successfully completed graduate and post graduate degrees in law. She has also successfully completed a Law and Public Policy Fellowship with Georgetown University Law School in Washington DC including attaining a Masters in International Law. She holds a current licence to practise law in Queensland and is a member of the Queensland Law Society.




Strategic Management Group

The Strategic Management Group are the functional leaders of our organisation, leading our mission, service and support areas. The Strategic Management Group was previously known as the Executive Team.  

The Strategic Management Group is made up of the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director Services, Executive Officer Communications, General Manager Church and Community Engagement, Executive Officer Business Development, Director Governance and the following managers:

  • Chris Brunings, Group Manager, Finance
  • Frances Paterson-Fleider, General Manager, Housing Services
  • Leanne Rutherford, General Manager, Children, Youth and Families
  • Mark Bradley, General Manager, Human Resources
  • Rob Cavaye, General Manager, Information Technology
  • Tracey Hurst, Director – Commissioning
  • Anne McGill, General Manager, Residential Aged Care
  • Debbie Sporer, General Manager, Communtiy Care
  • David McConaghy, General Manager, Property and Infrastructure Management
  • Steve Drinkall, General Manager, Leadership and Culture
  • Tim Weatherall, Acting Executive Officer Communications

Governance Group

The Governance Group supports the Council and Board by providing relevant expertise, quality resources and advice to our services and affiliated churches. The group enables these stakeholders to meet corporate, community and regulatory accountabilities through corporate secretarial, legal and privacy, risk management, internal audit and ongoing ChildSafe training for our churches.

Major developments in the 2017-18 year included reviewing our group insurance scheme policy to align with emerging risks and ensuring adequate cover for affiliated churches and services in Queensland, Victoria and Vanuatu.

Our Church Safety program continues to embed child safety principles through continuous training and support to churches. We can confidently state that all affiliated churches who run child-focused activities within their churches are ChildSafe compliant.

Our dedicated Internal Audit team completed 17  audits whose recommendations provide assurance to the Board on governance and control processes.

The growth of our services coupled with the dynamic legislative and regulatory framework has seen a rise in the demand for legal expertise. Our recruitment of in-house legal and privacy professionals has bolstered the support for the organisation and our affiliated churches.

The team regularly reports to the Governance and Risk Committee on enterprise level strategic and operational risks and recommendations emanating from audits.

Moving forward

  • Bringing a more systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and continually improving the effectiveness of the organisation’s risk management and internal control processes.  
  • Decrease the amount of  legal expenditure by using our in-house legal professionals and collaborating with specialist firms to provide pro bono assistance.
  • Collaboration with the Church Engagement team to improve church governance and compliance with the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse recommendations.



Organisational structure

During the 2017-18 financial year, there were a number of realignments made to our organisational structure, coming into effect in December 2017, with further refinement in June 2018 as a result of the budget process.

As part of this realignment changes to the operational leadership structure where actioned following consultation and discussions with various stakeholders in the organisation, including with the Council and Board.




Our people

We are committed to providing the highest quality of care to our clients and people in our communities. We do this through our staff, both on the frontline and in our support services who keep the cogs of the organisation turning.

In the previous 2016-17 financial year, our activities were supported by 3333 people who filled 3617 positions. In 2017-18 this number had risen to 3510 and 3765 positions, with the prime increase across our residential aged care services following acquisitions and the opening of new services.

Employees at 30 June 2018

Executive group 6
Office of the CEO 7
Church and Community Engagement 56
Care services 3,498
Children, Youth and Families 486
Seniors and Supported Living 2,944
  • Clinical governance
  • Community care
  • Hospitality
  • Residential aged care
  • Retirement living
  • Seniors and Supported Living support staff
Housing Services 44
Learning and Development 10
Medical Santo 2
Sales and Customer Service 8
Virtual Dementia Tour 4
Business Development 71
Finance and Property 62
Governance 12
Human Resources 40
Public Relations and Communications 13
Total 3,765

In 2017-18, our team of volunteers again generously gave their time and themselves to help us deliver our mission and bring uplift to the lives of people we support.

Number of registered volunteers


Children, youth and families 7
Housing services 17
Retirement living 34
Community care 12
Residential aged care 883
Mission 401
Other services 28
Total 1,382


Funding, industry and peak bodies

We work with government, industry and peak bodies to ensure we deliver high-quality missional and care services and to understand and inform policies that are likely to impact individuals and the communities in which we serve.

The invaluable support and financial contribution of these organisations allows us to provide and augment our essential care and missional services to a growing number of individuals and communities in need.

We acknowledge the significant support and contribution of Australian state and federal governments, the Vanuatu Government, and local Councils across Queensland and Victoria.

The Australian Government

  • Attorney General’s Department
  • Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission
  • Department of Education and Training
  • Department of Employment
  • Department of Social Services
  • Department of Health
  • Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Department of Treasury

The Queensland Government

  • Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors
  • Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women
  • Queensland Health
  • Queensland Treasury
  • Department of Education and Training
  • Office for Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Department of Justice and Attorney-General
  • Department of Housing and Public Works
  • Office of the Governor of Queensland

The Victorian Government

  • Department of Health
  • Department of State Development, Business and Innovation

The Government of Vanuatu

  • Ministry of Health
  • Department of Immigration

Local councils

  • Brisbane City Council
  • City of Ipswich

Industry and peak bodies

  • Act for Kids
  • Ageing and Diversity Advisory Group
  • Australasian Delirium Association
  • Australasian Fleet Management Association
  • Australasian Housing Institute
  • Australian and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance
  • Australian Christian Lobby
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Australian Institute of Management
  • Australian Marketing Institute
  • Australian Mediation Association
  • Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation
  • Australian Organisation for Quality (Qld)
  • Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth
  • Australian Sanctuary Network
  • Australian Society of Archivists
  • Christian Management Australia
  • Committee for Economic Development of Australia
  • Community Housing Industry Association
  • Community Housing Industry Association QLD
  • Council of the Ageing (COTA) Queensland
  • CHPs for QLD
  • Community Services Industry Alliance
  • CREATE Foundation
  • Diversity Council of Australia
  • Early Childhood Australia
  • Family Day Care Queensland and Australia
  • Foster Care Queensland
  • Fundraising Institute of Australia
  • Gold Coast Homelessness Network
  • Governance Institute of Australia
  • GreenFleet
  • Health and Community Services Workforce Council
  • Institute of Hospitality in Health Care
  • Institute of Internal Auditors Australia
  • Lady Musgrave Trust
  • Lantern Project
  • Leading Age Services Australia
  • Meaningful Aging Australia
  • Mental Illness Fellowship Queensland
  • National In-Home Care Association
  • National Safety Council of Australia
  • PeakCare Queensland Inc.
  • Property Council (Qld and Vic)
  • QShelter
  • Queensland Children’s Services Alliance
  • Queensland Council of Social Service
  • Queensland Law Society
  • Queensland Social Enterprise Council
  • Reconciliation Australia
  • SNAICC – National Voice for our Children
  • Statewide Older Person’s Reference Group
  • Supply Nation
  • Umpi Korumba
  • Under 1 Roof Brisbane and Ipwsich
  • Urban Development Institute of Australia


Supporters and donors

As a not-for-profit organisation, income is generated through a variety of sources, including government funding, fee-for-service, grants and other commercial operations.

One distinct area that we receive support to deliver vital services is through philanthropic fundraising. This includes money, in-kind support, goods and services, and volunteer labour.

We would like to thank each of our donors, supporters and funding bodies for their donations and in-kind gifts throughout the 2017-18 financial year. Without your generosity, we would not be able to continue to assist so many people in need.



$500-$999 $1000-$4999 $5000-$9999 $10,000 plus
Jacque Prosser PA & LD Hicks The Stockwell Webber
Commonwealth Bank
Stephen Flood Milgrave Grazing
St George Uniting
Renier Oosthuizen
Elwyn Muller Joan Armstrong Mountain Top
Keith Buttsworth
Leo & Joan Woodward Davies Joan Harvey  
Murray Thompson Shane Bond ADCo Contstructions  
Chimie & Katrease
Lynne Gread Keith Buttsworth  
Therton Lions Club Samford Valley
Community Church
King Springworks
Pty Ltd
John & Margaret English Greg & Wendy Runge The Stockwell
Webber Foundation
Guido Rozdarzs Ying Mei Huang    
Ian & Peggy Williamson H & E Sinclair    
Burleigh Heads
Church of Christ
Jeremy Whaley    
Enid Watson Russell Geale    
Kevin Hamer Burleigh Heads
Church of Christ
  Keith Buttsworth    
  Andrew Bader    
  Beverley Jerdan    
  Ian & Peggy Williamson    
  Joan Harvey    
  Michael Loader    
  Ian Boettcher    
  Brian & Daphne Grant    
  Keith Murton    
  Chimie & Katrease
  The Lakes Church    
  Alistair Kan    
  Brassall Congregational
  Christina Dent    
  Tracey Hurst    


Bequests received

It is with heartfelt thanks that we recognise the following special individuals and their loved ones who have supported us through a lasting gift and a legacy of love. These wonderful gifts will always be remembered. Thank you.



Estate of Judith Robson $19.80
Neilson Stanton & Parkinson $264.00
Estate of Stella Evelyn Hope Williams $1,261.20
Estate of Marjorie Geeves $10,006.09
Clifford Willis Brown & Gyda Bertha Brown Charitable Fund $13,952.94
Estate of George Vickery Haigh $20,000.00
Estate of Olive Vera Ashcroft $50,298.90


Act of outstanding generosity now home to 50 households

Ian and Neva Handy and their family generously donated a large parcel of land in the north Brisbane suburb of Kallangur to the organisation for the expressed purpose of creating a much needed affordable living development for the area.

In December 2017 this dream was realised as the first tenants moved into our 50 townhouse development, Kurrajong Townhouses, on the site, which is managed by our Housing Services. An official opening was celebrated in June 2018 with great thanks to the Handy family.