Key highlights

  • Completed building and painting works on the clinic thanks to the assistance of volunteers. Also installed additional solar panels and backup batteries and upgraded the service to handle additional clients.
  • Partnered with three Australian universities to bring students to Medical Santo.
  • Acted as Emergency Medical Team during the Ambae Volcano State of Emergency in October 2017, treating 858 evacuees for free in and out of clinic.
  • Assisted Ministry of Health and Rotary International to deliver assistance and programs.
Volunteers 97
- Clinical 70
- Administrative and maintenance 27
Patients treated 6810
- Number ni-Vanuaatu Approx. 6401 (94%)
- Treated during rural outreach visits 993
- Evacuees from Ambae Island during the State of Emeregency in October 2017 858
- Participants in Scabies research project 1987
- Tourists 95
- Evacuated tourists 11