Church and Community Engagement

Church and Community Engagement

This year, 63 affiliated churches and six Aboriginal and Islander Christian Fellowships (AICF) across Queensland ministered to communities, hospitals and schools and offered places of worship and connection for thousands of people. Our Strategic Action Leadership Teams, working groups and Mission Action Partners focussed on providing greater community connections. People in the wider community and across our housing and seniors living services were supported by our team of dedicated chaplains through more than 19,000 connections. We facilitated the Queensland Servant Leadership Forum and other events such as L10 Young Adults camp, FUSE Youth camp and Girl’s Getaway Weekend.




Church and community engagement

The Church and Community Engagement Team engages many people in the Churches of Christ community and beyond, helping people to connect with the kingdom of God by living our our core values of unconditional love, good stewardship and integrity.

This year has been a year of great challenge and even greater reward. The Church and Community Engagement team (formerly Mission Development) has excelled in its maturity, leadership and service to all our communities, Kingdom Access Places, care services and churches. The team has been galvanised in its calling and mission focus. We have delivered on our Mission with great care and alignment with our values.


Strategic Mission Development

Our Strategic Action Leadership Teams (SALTs) and Mission Action Partners (MAPs) continue to work closely with local church leaders to support churches, create new initiatives and align the work of our services to our mission.

Our Strategic Mission Development Team has expanded this year with excellent results. The MAPs scope of practice has been updated to more strategically engage with local churches and communities. The team have covered thousands of kilometres in pursuit of God’s agenda.  We have MAPS in regions spanning all across Queensland.

Our work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through Uncle Max Conlon continues to strengthen and reinforce our own reconciliation journey as an organisation.  

Our SALTS seek to better connect with the grass roots of our movement as well as develop mission action strategies that have meaning and Christ-inspired purpose.



We developed a Chaplaincy scope of practice for our Children, Youth and Families service which we are aiming to implement in the near future. Chaplains working in our housing, community and residential aged care services have exceeded our expectations in the work they do in the face of some organisational changes. We are incredibly proud of our chaplaincy cohort and our vision to have chaplaincy embedded in all areas of our service delivery remains strong.

Integrated Communities

At Churches of Christ, our integrated communities are informed by the needs of the local community and based on individual needs. They allow residents to access services and social supports that are available on the campus where they feel safe, respected and valued.

Campuses offer holistic care and service in a location where the broader community can benefit from the additional services provided. Our integrated communities are located across Queensland and in Victoria. They’re a mixture of care and support services, depending on the local communities’ needs.

Our integrated community model is not a group of buildings in one location but a philosophy of holistic client care and service.

Our integrated community campuses brings together the care, church community and support services to work collaboratively for the uplift of residents and the broader community.

We are particularly excited about the progress of our Warwick Campus (which opened in September) and our Little Mountain campus which opens early next year.

Deeper Rhythms

Our Formation team remains an important focus for us in developing the inner life of our ministering people and we are increasingly improving the way we engage our young people with great competence.


We continue to work with our churches and youth leaders to pursue ministry with our next generations. Our church-based programs complement our organisational efforts to support young people and families who are at risk and benefit from our specialised support.

We facilitated the Queensland Servant Leadership forum which has over 50 delegates, five of who where staff from Churches of Christ in Queensland. The team has leadership and oversees L10 young adults camp, Fuse camp which has 170 young people and leaders, internships with local churches and ACOM, and religious instruction in our schools with over 20 churches involved. We also have strategic partnerships with Scripture Union camps, Gents camps and the Ignite Conference.


Key Statistics

Descripton Qty
Strategic Action Leadership Teams 11
Mission Action Partners 6
Housing chaplains 7
Community chaplains 4
Seniors and supported living chaplains 16
Generations team 1