Opportunites and experience

Churches of Christ Care services have welcomed in volunteers who need an opportunity to gain valuable work experience, with some wonderful results.

‘Work for the Dole’ sometimes has negative connotations aligned to it.  But for many people, the program provides the opportunity to show potential employers what they can do, leading to their desired outcome of paid employment.

The Work for the Dole program sees long-term unemployed people undertake work to receive their government benefits. The ultimate goal is that they are then able to enter into paid employment.

People who are unemployed for long periods of time not only suffer from economic hardship and poverty, they also miss out on the networks and social interaction that employment can offer. Ultimately, the longer someone is unemployed, the harder it can be to gain employment.

Recently two Churches of Christ Care residential aged care services offered paid positions to two of our Work for Dole participants. Both participants were working in the kitchen area of their service and demonstrated a good work ethic and values-aligned behaviours.

Two months on, one will commence in a hospitality support role and the other as a personal carer.

By giving Work for the Dole participants the opportunity to gain experience and re-enter a work environment, we offer them the opportunity to find work not only with our organisation, but also with other employers.
Group Manager Volunteer Services Jodie Mears said that by giving people a chance, we’re helping to turn their lives around.

“Because we work closely with our Job Active Provider partners we know many participants are finding paid work as a result of their placement with us,” Jodie said.

“Services actively engaged in the Work for the Dole program are living our missional heart because by simply giving participants a chance, we are offering them a genuine workplace experience that we know other employers value.”

To learn more about our volunteer programs, visit Churches of Christ in Queensland's Volunteers website.


Posted November 29, 2016 in Our blog