16-17 November 2017, Ministers Forum

Churches of Christ in Queensland currently endorses over 150 ministering persons who serve our movement as Church Pastors, Chaplains, Mission Action Partners and Military Chaplains.  These ministers play a vital role in promoting the spiritual health of our movement and the communities we work in.

The Ministers Forum is a great chance for all Church of Christ in Queensland ministers to gather together.  This means pastors, chaplains, defence padre’s, youth and children’s ministers, missionaries, elders, Mission Action Partners and everything in between.

For this inaugural event we are pleased to welcome Mandy Smith who will no doubt challenge and teach us about what it means to take up a new, more realistic posture in terms of how we co-work with God in his mission.

When: 16-17 November 2017

Time: Thursday - 9.30am-3pm

Friday - 9am-11.30am

Where: Churches of Christ Campus, 41 Brookfield Road Kenmore

Cost: complimentary

Posted October 19, 2017 in Events