Interest rates

Current at  14 March 2017

(subject to change at discretion of CDF)

Fixed Term Investment

Term $250 to $24,999     $25,000 & above
31 days- 1.70%pa     1.75%pa
auto rollover        
2 months 1.70%pa     1.75%pa
3 months 2.05%pa     2.10%pa
6 months 2.10%pa     2.15%pa
9 months 2.10%pa     2.15%pa
12 months 2.20%pa     2.25%pa

(Interest paid at maturity on all above terms)

24 months 2.25%pa     2.30%pa
36 months 2.40%pa     2.45%pa

(Interest paid annually on 24 & 36 months)



(Minimum balance $250 )

  • 1.75%pa
  • 31 days' notice must be given for withdrawals

Funeral Assistance Plan

  • 1.75%pa

At Call

(Churches of Christ churches and affiliates including paid staff only)

  • 1.00%pa

Growth at Call

Base rate 1.00%pa  
No withdrawal bonus 0.75%pa in the month
Additional bonus 0.05%pa minimum $500 credits in the month - no withdrawals.
Maximum rate of 2.00%pa five months of minimum credits - no withdrawals.


Please read the fine print before making your decision.